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I'm Mark Broadbent.

I've been working as a fitness professional since 2004.

Via Personal Training and various fitness classes such as Dartford Bootcamps I've helped hundreds of people just like you to improve their health, fitness levels, strength, flexibility, mobility, energy levels and nutrition.

I've spent many years learning about health and fitness, exercise and nutrition and have lots of experience in helping people move towards their goals.

This is both my hobby and my job so I want to pass what I've learned on to you, and as many people as possible whether it's through one-to-one training, group training or classes, or through various other channels such as my blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, Dartford Living Magazine and more.

Whilst they probably mean nothing to anyone outside of the fitness industry (and to this day I can only recall one person ever actually asking to see them), here are some of my Qualifications in case you want to see them:

Diploma in Personal Training (Premier) - Level 3


Level 4 "Master Trainer" Specialist Exercise Instructor - Exercise for the management of Lower Back Pain

Fitness Instructor Award

Special Population – Ante & Post Natal

Special Population – Older Adults

Special Population – Sports Specific

Special Population – Weight Management

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach in Exercise Nutrition

Circuit Training

First Aid

Paediatric First Aid

Nutrition for Health and Fitness

Resisted Movement Training (Premier)

Movement Based Flexibility (Premier)

Core Stability (Premier)

Scientific Shoulder Training (CHEK Institute)

Advanced Kettlebell Training (Mike Mahler - Aggressive Strength)

Tri-Planar Kettlebell Training (Premier Training International)

Olympic Weight Lifting (Optimal Life Fitness)

Golf Matrix (Performance Stability)

Kinetic Chain Assessment (FIT Academy)

Muscle Testing & Postural Assessment (Peak Performance)

Kettlebells (FIT Academy)

Body Massage

Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

Recognised by the Register Of Exercise Professionals (REPs) as a Level 4 Advanced Instructor